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Unreal Animal Prints

Abstract, Animal, Animals, Bright, Bugs, Color Mixing, Composition, Construction Paper, Elementary, Ink, Middle School, Paint

Self Concept Water Bottles

Abstract, Animals, Color Mixing, Colored Pencils, Composition, Construction Paper, Friendship, Marker, Name, Pattern, Pencil, Perspective, Scissors

Sunshine Design

Abstract, Bright, Coffee Filters, Color Mixing, Composition, Draw, Elementary, Marker, Nature, Paint, Pattern, Pencil, Preschool, Shapes, Sun, Sunny, Watercolor

Paint Pull Project

Abstract, Animal, Animals, Bonus, Bright, Color Mixing, Colored Pencils, Composition, Construction Paper, Crayon, Draw, Elementary, Glue Stick, Middle School, Nature, Optical Illusion, Paint, Paper, Pattern, Perspective, Shade, Shapes, Silhouette, Texture

Cozy Cabin

Apple, Apples, Cabin, Color Mixing, Colored Pencils, Composition, Construction Paper, Draw, Glue Stick, Houses, Landscape, Marker, Paint, Paper, Scissors

Rainbow Animals

Animal, Animals, Bird, Bonus, Brush, Cat, Color Mixing, Colored Pencils, Crayon, Dog, Elementary, Farm, Featured, Nature, Paint, Paper, Pencil, Pet, Shade, Shapes, Water, Water, Watercolor

Rainy Day Umbrella

Bonus, Bright, Colored Pencils, Crayon, Elementary, Featured, Hues, Landscape, Nature, Paint, Paper, Pencil, Shapes, Water, Watercolor

Hyacinth Flowers

Bonus, Bright, Color Mixing, Composition, Draw, Elementary, Featured, Flower, Hues, Landscape, Nature, Paint, Realistic, Shade, Shapes, Texture
Sunflower Art Lesson


Brush, Coffee Filters, Elementary, Flower, Nature, Oil Pastel, Paper, Preschool, Still Life, Tempera Cakes, Water

Magnificent Maps

Coffee Filters, Elementary, Map, Marker, Middle School, Paper, Realistic, Sharpies, Tempera Cakes, Water
Contemporary Hands Art Lesson

Contemporary Hands

Brush, Composition, Construction Paper, Elementary, Glue Stick, Hand, Handprint, Middle School, Paper, Shapes, Tissue Paper, Water
Colorful Shapes Art Lesson

Colorful Shapes

Abstract, Color Mixing, Crayon, Draw, Elementary, Marker, Paper, Pattern, Plastic, Preschool, Shapes, Sharpies, Water
Abstract Color Mixing Art

Abstract Color Mixing

Abstract, Brush, Color Mixing, Colored Pencils, Elementary, Hues, Marker, Middle School, Paint, Paper, Pencil, Secondary, Shapes, Tint
Friendship Circle Art

Friendship Circles

Circles, Elementary, Friendship, Marker, Middle School, Paint Stick, Paper, Pencil, Stencil

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