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“Thank you!! Looks great! Love the new process this year! Seems to be a hit and sold more at my school! Yay!!! Thanks and great job on updating Art to Remember!!”

“The Art to Remember order brochures are beautiful!  I think the parents are going to like this new format and order more!! Thanks so much!”

“I thought for sure we would be very low in sales this year because the preview magnet did not go home.  Boy was I wrong! Best year ever!”

“The custom brochures came today and I LOVE THEM!!!!! Can’t wait for the students and parents to see them. Thanks!”

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“The orders arrived today and looked really cute! Love the stickers on the outside of the box and how it is better organized by class!!!!”

“I wanted you to know I got the brochures and yes I love them!!!!! It makes the fundraising process so much easier on the teachers coordinating it! Thank you!!!!!!”

“I just wanted to let you know how beautifully they turned out. We are so excited to display them in our school. An 8th Grader helped me unpack them all and you would have thought it was Christmas here in the Art Room. Thank you for all of your help in this process.”

“Thank you so much for the step-by-step directions. You really helped make it simple.”

“We passed 28 classes of orders out in less than 30 minutes!! I cannot tell you how incredibly simple and organized this was.”

Floating Donuts

Use watercolors in a wet-on-wet method to paint the background. (Paint the paper first with water and then add the...
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Place coffee filter onto paper using water. Using yellow and blue semi moist tempera cakes, paint on top of the...
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Colorful Castles

Students will create a drawing of a castle using pencil. Then, outline with permanent markers. Students will color in portions...
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