About the Legacy Wall

Example School Legacy Wall

Our Legacy Wall is a great addition to your keepsake program. An indoor wall mural featuring your students’ artwork is a fun way to rally your school around a fundraising project. With our Legacy Wall program, your students’ artwork is reproduced onto ceramic tiles which are then permanently mounted on your school’s walls. You can also enhance your mural with a logo, mascot or a larger drawing in the center. Our tiles are not kiln fired and are not appropriate for outdoor installation.

If you are interested in a Legacy Wall Fundraising Program, contact us to get started.

Get Started!

How it Works

The steps for a successful Legacy Wall school fundraiser vary depending on how you choose to finance your program, but here’s an overview:

  • Create artwork with your students – When you register to start a fundraiser, we’ll send you free paper and a step-by-step program guide. You’ll also be assigned to a Program Coordinator who is available to answer your questions via phone or email. We’ll send you reminder emails to help you keep things on track. And if you are looking for a little inspiration to get the project started, we have ideas for that too.

  • Ship students finished artwork (for free) to Art to Remember – Once the students have finished their art projects, you’ll use our pre-paid shipping materials to send them to Art to Remember. If you’re customizing your wall with a logo, mascot or other image, talk to your Program Coordinator to determine the best way to send that image.

  • Art to Remember will create a tile for each piece of artwork and send all tiles back to you – We’ll provide free professional assistance to make sure your legacy wall fits in your dedicated space. Once you receive the tiles, you can have them installed by your chosen professional.