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Our Mission

To support and promote art education - and - help
parents preserve, curate, and share
their children’s artwork.

From a heartfelt mission to a big impact

While the numbers give proof, we are far more motivated by the individual notes of gratitude we receive daily. The mentions of “you saved my art program – thank you!” and “I have magnets from every child and grandchild on my fridge. I love looking at them.” keep us smiling all day long. It sounds cliché, but we would be truly honored to work with you.

  • 1 Dollars raised for art education: $45,000,000 and counting
  • 2 Number of schools we’ve helped: 11,545
  • 3 Areas we served: All 50 states and overseas military bases
  • 4 Amount of art we’ve saved: 9,225,665 (since 2012)
  • 5 Number of keepsakes we’ve created: 14,597,472
  • 6 Number of free lesson plans we’ve created: 100+

Don't Take Our Word For It

What other parents and coordinators think of Art to Remember

Art to Remember is a program that our schools look forward to every year! Our families love the keepsakes with their child’s masterpieces on them, and the ease of implementing the program is what keeps us coming back to Art to Remember each year! These are truly treasured items that parents hold onto for a lifetime.

Alison Roop

Primrose School on Yankee, Primrose School of Centerville
Passing out my keepsakes today, I was so thankful for this program. It is so organized and easy to promote and distribute products. Seeing the totals, resources and deadlines in one place is awesome. You are always so quick to respond to emails and questions. The Art show knocked it out of the park! Art to Remember keeps getting better and better.

Jennifer Pettit

Oak Grove
This was the easiest fundraiser I’ve ever done. I took the time to give you and the company glowing remarks. Thank you so much for everything! I hope to do even better next year!

Robby Morell

Robert and Sandy Ellis Elementary
School fundraisers are usually a burden to take around because the available option tends to be things that are not needed (wrapping paper, food.) This fundraiser was such a breath of fresh air!! Great idea!! We loved it.


I love Art to Remember! We have been collecting since our school started the program 6 years ago. We are very happy with the products and website! I love that you keep my children’s art online so we can order past items we missed to give as gifts to grandparents throughout the year.


Our family has been so happy with this fundraiser partnership. Rather than just getting a bucket of popcorn like some other fundraisers, we get something that actually celebrates our child’s creativity. Believe it or not, our child takes a lot of pride in herself when she sees me take my coffee to work in a travel mug with her artwork on it.


Take the Next Step!

Whether you’re ready to dive right in or you’d like to get more information on our fundraising programs, you’re in the right place to learn more. Send us your name and information, along with your questions, and we’ll get right back to you.


While we’re at it, we’re helping the environment too

We’re also proud of what we’re doing to offset our environmental impact. Check out our roof – it’s covered in solar panels that offset 130% of our energy use, which is equivalent to saving 543 trees, having 45 fewer cars on the road, and saved 209 tons of CO2.

And we’ve turned as much terrain as allowed into a natural landscape.