Your Leadership Team

Bill Boncosky
Bill BoncoskyOwner and President
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Kathy Robinson
Kathy RobinsonDirector of Sales and Customer Service
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Karen Heilman
Karen HeilmanDirector of Operations
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Additionally: Kane Pitman – Director of Technology

Your Fundraising Team

Patty Brown
Patty BrownProgram Coordinator
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Nicole Cottrell
Nicole CottrellSales Administrator
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Lori Dahlby
Lori DahlbyProgram Coordinator
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Jennifer Daniel
Jennifer DanielAccount Executive
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Abby Fleischman
Abby FleischmanProgram Coordinator
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Marie Goldman
Marie GoldmanProgram Coordinator
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Your Team Behind the Scenes

Kelly DeNeal
Kelly DeNealDirector of Marketing
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Christine Davis
Christine DavisLead Software Developer
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Matt Franklin
Matt FranklinPre-Production Manager
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Lori Hasson
Lori HassonProduction Manager and Purchasing Manager
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Christina Hatcher
Christina HatcherShipping Manager
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Tim Jones
Tim JonesIT Manager
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Megan Mattingly
Megan MattinglyProduction Manager
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Natalie Thompson
Natalie ThompsonSoftware Developer
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PeggyOffice Dog
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ClioOffice Dog
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