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The Art of Critique Storytelling For Students

Art is a means of communication, right?  Students love to express themselves through art, but sometimes a little story that goes with the art can mean a whole lot.  In my classroom of first graders, we would do a critique at the end of the month.  Students could choose one [...]

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Art Lessons Through Living History Letters

Art Lessons Through Living History Letters Learning about a brilliant artist can be fun for all ages!  Why not keep the art of letter-writing alive with history reports in disguise?  Here's how: Teach an older class and a younger class about the same artist.  Explain to the older class they [...]

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Creative Collaboration to Engage Students in Your Art Fundraiser

Collaborating with other teachers in cross-curricular activities can improve relationships, communication, and show your team spirit.  There are lots of fun ways to take your Art to Remember fundraiser and excite the whole school!  Here are just a few: Take your price list to the Math teacher.  Explain the fundraiser, and [...]

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Advocates are Powerful, Art is Powerful

We all want to keep Art Education alive and strong in our schools.  As teachers and parents, we try our best each day within our community, doing the important details that help our kid's art shine!  We even take on art fundraising projects to improve our resources.  Sometimes it's easy [...]

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Supporting Hope with Art Education

You know that feeling when a small idea has grown into something large and worthwhile?  We are feeling that way right now with our pink Support Breast Cancer Totes!  Every order has resulted in a $1.00 donation to support cancer research and our running total is now over $9,000.00!  We [...]

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Recognizing Students in Art Education

A little special attention and praise can go a long way to build self esteem and confidence in a child.  Showcasing a student’s artwork is a great way to call attention to their hard work and creative thought on a project.   In the Mendon Upton Regional School District in Massachusetts, [...]

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Fundraising for a Cause

We do what we do (art fundraising), to support art education programs in schools.  Sometimes we are in a position to support other causes as a result of our programs.  One of our most popular products, the Grocery Tote, has been supporting breast cancer research for the past 2 years. [...]

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Pinwheels for Peace

One of our customers has told us about this wonderful project and we can’t wait to display our pinwheels this Friday!  This project combines your art education program with a broader message of peace and hope.  You could even sell the pinwheels as an art fundraiser or to raise funds [...]

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Why an Art Fundraiser

Why an Art Fundraiser?As you begin to think about your fundraisers for the upcoming school year you could stick with the same old programs you have done in the past or you could consider a new idea that will make your students and families jump at the chance to buy! [...]

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Does Your Fundraiser Make the Grade?

From cookies to candy, wrapping paper to catalogs, the number of fundraising options for your school are endless.  Art fundraisers bring a unique program to your school that also promote art advocacy your  parents.   But whether you are considering an art fundraiser or not, it’s important to evaluate the companies [...]

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Infuse Art into All Areas of Education

The lack of an art program at a school doesn’t mean the end of art for students!  If school administrators and staff develop curriculum that infuses art into various subjects, students still have the opportunity to think creatively and express themselves.  Champion Creatively Alive Children, formed by Crayola, The National Association [...]

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