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Creative Collaboration to Engage Students in Your Art Fundraiser

September 30, 2013
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Collaborating with other teachers in cross-curricular activities can improve relationships, communication, and show your team spirit.  There are lots of fun ways to take your Art to Remember fundraiser and excite the whole school!  Here are just a few:


  • Take your price list to the Math teacher.  Explain the fundraiser, and ask if she/he would like to use the numbers for a math “shopping cart” to add and subtract, or practice percents to see how much money will go to the art room.  It is great real-world experience!  Kids will then want to know what the money will be used for, and become excited to help! 


  • Share your item list and poster with the language arts teacher.  Items can be worked into journaling, such as “If I could give one gift from Art to Remember, I would…” for great writing practice and thinking of others!


  • Share with the music teacher a jingle-writing challenge!  In order to remember to share with parents about their fundraiser, students could be encouraged to use instruments in small groups and think up an Art to Remember jingle for their school!  Students love playing pretend “American Idol” to share with the class.


  • Once the items arrive, some homeroom teachers enjoy teaching gift wrapping in their classes.  Giving presents is such a proud and exciting moment for children and can have lasting memories of generosity that change their life.  Ask teachers if they would like their student’s items used for holiday wrapping practice!


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