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Art Lessons Through Living History Letters

Learning about a brilliant artist can be fun for all ages!  Why not keep the art of letter-writing alive with history reports in disguise?  Here’s how:

Teach an older class and a younger class about the same artist.  Explain to the older class they will be pretending to be that artist and think like that artist while answering letters from fans (the younger class).  They will also get to create in the same theme as their artist!

After viewing artwork done by the chosen famous artist, younger students will think questions and remarks to write about the art, such as:

  • “I like ____ in your work”
  • “How do you ______?”
  • “How many paintings have you created?”
  • “What do you like about making art?”
  • “Where you always an artist?”

Older students will each receive a letter to answer, using what they know.  They can also enclose a picture in the artist’s style they have drawn/painted, and sign the letter with the artist’s name.  Assure students that this is meant to be a fun, interactive report.  Video tape younger class receiving their letters and art!  Show older students the video to make then smile. 

Could you pair this with an Art to Remember fundraiser?  Absolutely!  When beginning your program, just be sure to do the artwork on our free 8″x10″ art paper and follow the art guidelines.  You could see this “famous” artwork on beautiful keepsake products!


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