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Supporting Hope with Art Education

August 21, 2013
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You know that feeling when a small idea has grown into something large and worthwhile?  We are feeling that way right now with our pink Support Breast Cancer Totes!  Every order has resulted in a $1.00 donation to support cancer research and our running total is now over $9,000.00!  We would like to thank each person that has ordered our pink Support Breast Cancer Tote from our art fundraiser!


Last week, anchorwoman Debby Knox gave a speech in Carmel, IN sharing some of her life experiences.  During this speech, she referenced that not very long ago it was not appropriate to discuss breast cancer in public.  When the topic came up, she said, the room would freeze as everyone became uncomfortable.  Strong people have helped change this with a support movement, with our ribbons and items being a physical symbol of camaraderie and acceptance.  We are proud to support a culture where those in this situation are uplifted at the sight of a child’s tote, a car ribbon, or a key chain knowing that each person has contributed to research!


In fall 2011, we began this program with this powerful social message of support in mind, and have had such a positive response to this fabulous product!  In fundraising for your school’s art education, you are able to also raise funds for additional cancer research.  

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