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How to Draw a Wizard Self Portrait

By: Casey Pennell May 18, 2023

Step One. Have students draw a simple wizard in permanent marker. Step Two. Students will then fill their wizard in with crayon. Step Three. Using...

3D Dinosaurs In The City Pop Up

By: Casey Pennell March 24, 2023

Step One. Using the A2R paper, draw basic building shapes and cut the paper in half by following the skyline of the buildings. Step Two. Use both halves...

Rainbow Animals

By: Casey Pennell March 23, 2023

Pre-plan your animals. Using paper and a marker, decide what simplified animals you’d like to use. Terry Runyan uses general shapes to create her...

Rainy Day Umbrella

By: Casey Pennell February 24, 2023

  Draw your umbrella Place your non-dominant hand towards the top of our paper making sure it’s spread as wide as you can, and place a dot above...

Hyacinth Flowers

By: Casey Pennell February 24, 2023

Draw helper lines Using your fingers as a guide draw guiding lines (“helper lines”) faintly with pencil on your paper. About half way up your paper,...

Contemporary Hands

By: September 6, 2019

Place torn up tissue paper on top of Art to Remember paper. Using the brush, add water and allow the tissue paper to bleed onto the paper below. Let the...

Colorful Shapes

By: September 6, 2019

Draw or trace a big shape in the middle. Then add five lines from the shape to the edge of the page to create sections. Fill each section outside of the...

Abstract Color Mixing

By: August 23, 2018

Determine the total number of colors you will use. For example, if you choose red, yellow and blue, you will need three areas for each of the three primary...

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