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Contemporary Hands

Project Objective

Students will create a tie dye effect using tissue paper and water. Once dry, students will use their own hands to create a complex composition.

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Contemporary Artist Lisa Congdon has a style that is bold, graphic, and playful. She uses minimalism and recurring themes and subjects to convey her
message. In this lesson, students will create a hand modeled after her work.
  1. Place torn up tissue paper on top of Art to Remember paper. Using the brush, add water and allow the tissue paper to bleed onto the paper below. Let the paper below dry before removing the tissue.
  2. Draw a hand on the construction paper. The artist may choose to make more than one hand for their composition. Add details to the hand with drawing tools.
  3. Once dried, remove the tissue paper to reveal a unique tie dye pattern. Cut and glue the hand onto the base in an interesting composition.
  4. Add additional shapes or words to complete the project.

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