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Preschool Bees Art Project

By: Casey Pennell March 19, 2024

Step One Place 3 to 5 stickers onto the background. Step Two Use a black permanent marker to create filled in triangles on one side of the stickers to...

Preschool Ladybug Art Project

By: Casey Pennell March 19, 2024

Step One Pour a small amount of red paint into a tray. Step Two Use a round sponge, dip into the paint and press onto the paper several times. Allow dry...

Preschool Watermelon Art Project

By: Casey Pennell March 19, 2024

Step One Adult helpers can draw a ‘U’ shaped line and allow artists to draw a green line on it. Then a second ‘U’ shape can be drawn inside the...

Preschool Cow Art Project

By: Casey Pennell March 19, 2024

Step One Prepare the tray by drawing around the Art to Remember paper to show the size. Remove the paper and draw a horizontal line from edge to edge of...

Preschool Flower Art Project

By: Casey Pennell March 4, 2024

Step One Draw a ‘U’ shape below the hand. Then wavy lines above the fingers. Step Two Cut on the hand outline. Step Three On the background page draw a...

Preschool Mushroom Art Project

By: Casey Pennell March 1, 2024

Step One Draw a curve on the red paper. On the opposite side, ask the artist to use stickers to decorate the area. Artists will then practice their cutting...

Colorful Castle

By: Casey Pennell December 18, 2023

Draw the horizon line Draw 4 vertical lines on top of the horizon line Draw a rainbow line connecting two of the vertical lines. This will create two...

Realistic Pineapple

By: Casey Pennell December 7, 2023

Step One. Paint your background. Step Two. Create your pineapple. Draw an oval (Hint: Make sure the oval is bigger than your fist. Use a tracer if...

Artsy Otters

By: Casey Pennell December 4, 2023

Step One. Focus on movement and lines to create a painted background that resembles water, like an ocean or river. Step Two. Draw an image of an otter,...

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