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Unreal Animal Prints

By: Casey Pennell September 22, 2023

Students will get inspired by the plants and animals around them!  Step One Have students think of an animal that lives nearby and draw it from their...

Sunshine Design

By: Casey Pennell July 11, 2023

Day One Place a wet coffee filter onto your paper Paint circles onto the coffee filters Allow time to dry before taking off the coffee filter Day Two After...

Paint Pull Project

By: Casey Pennell July 11, 2023

This lesson is organized by objectives. More step-by-step instructions are provided in videos and Google Slides. Part One This portion of the lesson...

Rainy Day Umbrella

By: Casey Pennell February 24, 2023

  Draw your umbrella Place your non-dominant hand towards the top of our paper making sure it’s spread as wide as you can, and place a dot above...

Hyacinth Flowers

By: Casey Pennell February 24, 2023

Draw helper lines Using your fingers as a guide draw guiding lines (“helper lines”) faintly with pencil on your paper. About half way up your paper,...

Coloring Page Lesson with Amanda O’Shaughnessy

By: September 23, 2019

Amanda O’Shaughnessy provides this wonderful lesson to create drawings using different colored pencil...

Realistic Pineapples

By: August 23, 2018

Create the background using watercolors. Divide the background paper provided by Art to Remember in half. Paint the top half one color and the bottom half...

Color Mixing Cupcakes

By: September 19, 2017

Using the black Sharpie, have students draw the cupcake base. Alternatively, you can provide a template for the base. It can serve as a great first step to...

Hot Colors Desert

By: September 20, 2016

Encourage students to draw something they would see in a desert with the hot colors. To fill up the entire paper, provide a watercolor wash to paint over...

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