Underwater Scene

Have students divide paper into three sections – ocean floor, water and sky. Make the water the largest space. Discuss different types of sea animals they might like to include in their picture and draw lightly in pencil. Add details of sea grass, coral or a shipwreck. Color with crayons [...]

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How My Garden Grows

Ask students to draw the same number of flowers as their age. The flowers should be fairly large. Students can include some insects in their picture. To include a butterfly, draw a circle for the head, and oval shape for the thorax, and a longer skinnier oval for the abdomen. [...]

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Draw your composition lightly in pencil. Make sure students fill up the paper sheet of paper with color. Draw large! Geometric shapes can be used to draw a bug, like a beetle, by drawing a circle for the head and eyes, an oval for the thorax, and an oval shape [...]

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Sea Turtle

Use a pencil and tracer to create an oval on the sheet of paper. Draw four flippers, a tail, and a head off of the body. Add additional details to the head such as eyes. Draw the design on the shell of the turtle. See page one for more detailed [...]

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Animals in the Wild

Discuss different animals from various geographical areas. Have them choose animals that are protected, extinct animals, arctic animals or whatever animals they are interested in. Draw the animal lightly in pencil as the focal point of your picture. Create an interesting background. Wash the sky and land in very light [...]

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