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Perspective Apple Farm

Project Objective

To explore a new medium and introduce one point perspective.

Required Materials


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In this example, we will be drawing an autumn scene, but the same perspective outline can be used to create a drawing of any season.
  1. Use a pencil to draw the horizon line and the vanishing point at the top of the page. Then, demonstrate how to draw two orthogonal lines to the vanishing point. Finally, create an enclosed rectangle by drawing two parallel lines.
  2. Demonstrate how to draw a tree in the foreground, autumn details (such as an apple basket, fallen leaves, a football, etc.) in the middle ground, and farm land in the background.
  3. Use a black Sharpie to trace the pencil drawing, adding contrast.
  4. Using the moist watercolors, students can add realistic or imaginative color to their perspective landscape. Remind students to let adjacent areas dry before painting to prevent color bleed. Finally, encourage them to paint their entire composition!

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