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Self Concept Water Bottles

By: Casey Pennell September 22, 2023

Step One Students will sketch out a water bottle on their paper. Students can reference their own water bottle or reference pictures of water bottles on an...

Sunshine Design

By: Casey Pennell July 11, 2023

Day One Place a wet coffee filter onto your paper Paint circles onto the coffee filters Allow time to dry before taking off the coffee filter Day Two After...

Rainbow Animals

By: Casey Pennell March 23, 2023

Pre-plan your animals. Using paper and a marker, decide what simplified animals you’d like to use. Terry Runyan uses general shapes to create her...

Rainy Day Umbrella

By: Casey Pennell February 24, 2023

  Draw your umbrella Place your non-dominant hand towards the top of our paper making sure it’s spread as wide as you can, and place a dot above...

Coloring Page Lesson with Amanda O’Shaughnessy

By: September 23, 2019

Amanda O’Shaughnessy provides this wonderful lesson to create drawings using different colored pencil...

Apple Basket Still Life

By: August 23, 2018

Use a pencil to draw the basic shape of the basket. If you are using a basket for observation, refer to its shape as you draw and point out details that...

Perspective Apple Farm

By: August 23, 2018

Use a pencil to draw the horizon line and the vanishing point at the top of the page. Then, demonstrate how to draw two orthogonal lines to the vanishing...

Abstract Color Mixing

By: August 23, 2018

Determine the total number of colors you will use. For example, if you choose red, yellow and blue, you will need three areas for each of the three primary...

Friendship Circles

By: August 23, 2018

If working collaboratively, tape two sheets of paper together on the back, use painter’s tape so it can easily be removed. Use a pencil and tracers to...

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