Friendship Circles

If working collaboratively, tape two sheets of paper together on the back, use painter’s tape so it can easily be removed. Use a pencil and tracers to fill the pages with a variety of circles. Use paint sticks to fill the circles in using a variety of colors. If working [...]

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They All Saw a Cat

Pre-Planning Read the book They All Saw a Cat, By Brendan Wenzel. Discuss how the cat changes from each character's perception. Have students practice drawing a cat the way the child saw it. Talk about the textures that a cat has and how to represent those textures with a line. [...]

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Sumi-e Ink Animals

First sketch in pencil very lightly the parts of your animal. Then have kiddos stop. Discuss painting in gray with the tippy toe of your brush for thin lines. Paint the outline. As a class, use black to create each appropriate limb, eyes, etc. It is fast! The most important [...]

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Making an Impression

Decide on the composition that you would like to do in the impressionist style and sketch in guidelines lightly in pencil. You can choose from still life, portrait, landscape, or a floral. Working from light to dark, create the background. Use several colors in a variety of shades. Use a [...]

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Draw a horizon line near the center of their paper. Next, draw two vertical lines that intersect with the horizon line to make the sides of the lighthouse. The lines will be closer together at the top and gradually move farther apart towards the bottom. Leave a couple of inches [...]

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