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Shape Masking

By: Casey Pennell February 6, 2024

Step 1: Attach the shape of choice with an easy-to-remove tape. (Painter’s tape, masking tape.) Step 2: (Optional) It may be good to apply a light layer...

Colorful Castle

By: Casey Pennell December 18, 2023

Draw the horizon line Draw 4 vertical lines on top of the horizon line Draw a rainbow line connecting two of the vertical lines. This will create two...

Realistic Pineapple

By: Casey Pennell December 7, 2023

Step One. Paint your background. Step Two. Create your pineapple. Draw an oval (Hint: Make sure the oval is bigger than your fist. Use a tracer if...

Artsy Otters

By: Casey Pennell December 4, 2023

Step One. Focus on movement and lines to create a painted background that resembles water, like an ocean or river. Step Two. Draw an image of an otter,...

Line Lions

By: Casey Pennell November 13, 2023

Step One. Cut out the lion head. Step Two. Draw the lion face. Step Three. Draw your lines. Draw a dot in the middle of your paper, be creative with the...

Unreal Animal Prints

By: Casey Pennell September 22, 2023

Students will get inspired by the plants and animals around them!  Step One Have students think of an animal that lives nearby and draw it from their...

Sunshine Design

By: Casey Pennell July 11, 2023

Day One Place a wet coffee filter onto your paper Paint circles onto the coffee filters Allow time to dry before taking off the coffee filter Day Two After...

Paint Pull Project

By: Casey Pennell July 11, 2023

This lesson is organized by objectives. More step-by-step instructions are provided in videos and Google Slides. Part One This portion of the lesson...

Rainbow Animals

By: Casey Pennell March 23, 2023

Pre-plan your animals. Using paper and a marker, decide what simplified animals you’d like to use. Terry Runyan uses general shapes to create her...

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