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Floating Donuts

Project Objective

Students will explore color mixing and learn how to create a form by adding shadows.

Required Materials

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Make colorful and whimsical floating donut paintings with your students.
  1. Use watercolors in a wet-on-wet method to paint the background. (Paint the paper first with water and then add the watercolors onto the page.) Allow dry time before moving to step number two.
  2. Stamp five to seven ‘donuts’ onto the background. Some of the circles should go off the page. Allow dry time before moving to step number three.
  3. Paint the frosting and shadow on each of the donuts.  See “Four easy steps to ‘frosting’ a donut” on page one.
  4. Paint the frosting on each donut.  Then paint the shadow under each donut.  When both the shadow and frosting is dry, add any additional details (sprinkles, drizzles, etc.).

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