Place coffee filter onto paper using water. Using yellow and blue semi moist tempera cakes, paint on top of the coffee filters creating a ring of yellow and a center of blue. Paint any white paper left with blue paint (or other colors if available). Once dry, remove coffee filters. [...]

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Flower Power

Choose a flower shape and draw in pencil a large version of it, taking up most of the paper. Using bright colors, fill in the flower image. Be creative - flowers can be any color! Carefully color in the background with a contrasting color. Optional - outline the flower in [...]

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How My Garden Grows

Ask students to draw the same number of flowers as their age. The flowers should be fairly large. Students can include some insects in their picture. To include a butterfly, draw a circle for the head, and oval shape for the thorax, and a longer skinnier oval for the abdomen. [...]

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Fauve Flowers

Study a flower for your fauve flower study. Draw the flower outline lightly in pencil. Your flower can go off the edge of the paper. Sketch in the details of the flower, petals, stamen and leaves. Wash in watercolor to create color for the lightest flowers and leaves. When your [...]

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Primary Petals

Cut out template. Use an extra sheet of paper to cut out the template of the vase. Have students trace the vase on their paper with a black Sharpie. Older students may be able to draw their own vase, but this step will be helpful for the younger ones. Using [...]

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