Friendship Circles

If working collaboratively, tape two sheets of paper together on the back, use painter’s tape so it can easily be removed. Use a pencil and tracers to fill the pages with a variety of circles. Use paint sticks to fill the circles in using a variety of colors. If working [...]

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Primary Petals

Cut out template. Use an extra sheet of paper to cut out the template of the vase. Have students trace the vase on their paper with a black Sharpie. Older students may be able to draw their own vase, but this step will be helpful for the younger ones. Using [...]

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Flamingo Painting

With the pink PlayColor stick, draw the head, body, neck and wings of the flamingo. Add additional PlayColors to the pink such as yellow, red, and/or blue. Let dry before moving to step two.  Apply water to the lower half of the page and add blue to the wet paper. [...]

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