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A variety of lesson plans are available to you for free on our website. While we love curating new lessons, you cannot go wrong with lessons that build upon core skills.

Tints and Shades

Tints and Shades Lesson Plan

Supplies: Paint, paper, brushes
This lesson is perfect for learning the difference between tints and shades, practicing making both, and finishing with a beautiful piece of art.

Optical Illusion Hand

Optical Illusion Hand Lesson Plan

Supplies: Markers, paper, rulers
Students will explore optical illusions and practice using line and color to create their own. It’s a great way to teach young artists how they can trick the eye with 2D art.

Color Texture Drawings

Color Texture Lesson Plan

Supplies: Paper, pencils, fine point markers
Using basic materials, you can teach young artists how to create the perception of texture on paper.

These are just a few of the many lessons that work on developing skill while creating bold, colorful artwork. Check out our lesson plan page for others!

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