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Simple, fun & profitable art fundraisers

Why choose Art to Remember when you need to raise funds for your art program or school? Because we understand the demands on your time and take extra steps to make sure our program is easy for you to manage. Because each of our products are lovely keepsakes that last. Because we are a fun, innovative, energetic group of people dedicated to making you proud that you chose to run an art fundraising program with Art to Remember. Scroll down and learn more about the Art to Remember difference.

Easy to manage

Easy school fundraiser with five simple steps

Art to Remember offers more than your typical fundraiser. We offer schools a healthy, creative, easy way to raise money. Our programs let your students show off their creativity while letting parents capture it and preserve precious childhood memories.

We start with individual works of art and walk you through a simple process that includes personalized order forms and quality keepsake products packaged for easy distribution. The final result: happy families, happy teachers, more funds for your school,  in short, a fundraiser you’ll be proud of.

We don’t just say it’s easy. We prove it.

"We passed 28 classes of orders out in less than 30 minutes!! I cannot tell you how incredibly simple and organized this was."

Donna Wiskirchen

Schaumburg IL

Hoover Math & Science Academy

  • Create Artwork
    Free art paper

  • Ship artwork to us
    Free shipping

  • Send personalized order forms to parents

  • Ship orders to us
    Free shipping

  • Distribute products
    $ for art education

Proven profitability

Profitable art fundraiser with average profit per student of $3.11

There’s a lot to consider when selecting an art fundraising program but a key factor for any successful school fundraiser is profit raised. Art to Remember has been in business since 1995 and we know what makes a successful, profitable fundraiser.

How much will you raise working with Art to Remember? That depends on several factors such as school size, school type (e.g., early education, elementary, secondary, public, private), demographic information, chosen profit percentage (we let you choose!), and of course how well you promote your fundraiser.  However, based on more than two decades of experience, we’ve developed a profit estimator to help you set your goals and make your decisions.  Estimate your funds before you even raise a paintbrush.

See our profitable art fundraising options

"Without Art to Remember I would be constantly begging for donations or spending a lot more of my own money."



Profit Estimator

Satisfaction guaranteed

We stand behind each and every product we offer

Schools turn to Art to Remember for fundraising programs year after year because they know that their parents will be happy with the results. We test market each of our products to make sure they meet our standards. We are constantly looking for new and improved keepsakes to add to our offerings. And on the few occasions where a product doesn’t meet expectations (less than four products out of every 1,000 we produce!), we replace it – no questions asked, no returns required.

When you choose Art to Remember for your school fundraiser, you can rest assured that your families will be pleased with the results.

Review our satisfaction guaranteed policy

So far I have heard only positive feedback.  A few parents wished they ordered more items as they didn't realize how great things would turn out!

Jen Bergeron

Dublin, NH

Dublin Consolidated School

Ongoing innovation

Working hard to give you the best school fundraiser.

Whether it’s market testing to make sure we only offer items that parents like or working with our customers to fine tune the ordering process, Art to Remember is always looking for ways to improve our fundraising programs.

Our programs are easy to manage and successful for schools because we don’t rest on our laurels.

Read more about our past improvements

"You always seem to be improving things every year.  I love it! Keep up the good work."

Paul Brandofino

Loxahatchee, FL

Loxahatchee Groves Elementary


We become the first art-based fundraising company to tally orders for schools.


We start packaging orders by student for faster distribution by schools.


Art to Remember offers warranties without returns.


Art to Remember provides UPS labels for easy and free shipping.


We provide personalized order forms – no more stuffing art into order forms.

Hands-on support

Personal attention for a successful art education fundraiser

The Program Coordinators at Art to Remember have one simple goal: help you manage a successful school fundraising program. Our team is available via phone or email for timely response whenever you have a question or issue.

Once you start your program, you’ll have one point of contact for everything from customer service questions and warranty issues to setting up next year’s fundraiser. We’ll get you started with our free program guide that lays out every step of the process. We’ll even send you friendly email reminders to help keep your fundraiser on track.

Meet our Program Coordinators

You are super easy to reach. I feel like communication with Art to Remember is better than some other art programs we've tried.

Ivy Wadsworth

Mount Pleasant, SC

Mount Pleasant Academy

Fundraising you'll be proud of

More than keepsakes, memories to last a lifetime

When you choose Art to Remember, you are choosing a fundraiser that you will be proud of and want to repeat year after year. Your students will take home personalized order forms featuring their artwork and displaying a wide variety of products that fit every budget. Children are proud to show off their creativity on a selection of fun, useful items. Parents and grandparents enjoy keepsake products that capture and preserve precious memories.

Our product line is carefully selected so that students, families and teachers benefit from a successful fundraiser.

"Thanks for a fun, practical fundraiser!"

Christa DeVoll

Edgerton, WI

Central Lutheran Preschool

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