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If your school has a STEAM based curriculum or if you would like to integrate more of the principals into your classroom, we have four lesson plans that focus on arts integration.


Lesson One: Compass Art
In this lesson, your students will learn about the different ways that circles are measured, while practicing making circles with a compass. Then, they will work with watercolors, markers or crayons to turn the practice lesson into a piece of art.


Lesson Two: Tangram Animals
Students will focus on geometric shapes in this lesson plan by using tangrams. Once they’ve learned about the shapes, they can play with the tangrams and make animals. By tracing the tangrams and filling in the background, they’ll create an interesting work of art.


Lesson Three: Pendulum Painting
For this lesson, you’ll delve into Newton’s 1st Law of Motion. You and your students will build a simple pendulum, fill it up with paint, and students can practice manipulating the pendulum to see what impact it has on the design.


Lesson Four: Drawing Robot
There are two variations of robots in this lesson plan, which will allow you and your students to plan and build a simple machine. The machine will create patterns on paper, with markers, and students can try modifying different parts of the robot to see how it changes the design.

All of these lesson plans will work with an Art to Remember fundraiser, so if you would like to try one out and raise money for your classroom, click here.

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