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Gallery Tutorial for Desktop

March 20, 2020
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Click here for the mobile video tutorial.

Art to Remember is excited to announce the launch of online, digital galleries for parents (and families and friends too, of course)! We know you will be excited too.

The gallery is a free resource for families where you can upload and store digital copies of your children’s artwork. In our mission of preserving memories while promoting art education, we want to help families like you save, organize, and share your children’s artwork.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the artwork you have in your home? No worries. With our gallery, you can store all your artwork digitally! Say goodbye to paper clutter and piles of artwork taking over your home. We have covered all the bases.

You can upload and save as much artwork as you desire! You also have the option to create artist profiles. This will help you keep the artwork digitally organized by the child’s name (or nickname).

The gallery is for everyone and artistic parents can also upload their own artwork too. You do not have to be actively involved in our fundraiser to join.

Signing up is fast and easy. But that’s not the best part. It’s also completely free.

Ready to get started? Go to and create an account using your email address. Once you have created an account, you’re ready to start uploading!

You can upload the artwork to your gallery from your phone or desktop. You can search for your child’s artwork within our online database. Many parents are happily surprised to find their child’s artwork from school stored on our database, never realizing their child’s school has worked with us.

Once you’ve uploaded art into your gallery, you can edit the photos, share the artwork, and also put the artwork on keepsakes! We have over 50 products to choose from and every purchase supports art education!

It’s the best way to save, organize, and share your child’s artwork. Get started today at!

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