Teacher and Students

Hassle-Free & Easy Art Fundraisers

Teachers are busy.  That’s why we design our school fundraisers to help your classroom without taking too much time away from it.

Our 5 Simple Steps

  • Create artwork (with free art paper)

  • Ship the art to us (free shipping)

  • Send forms to your parents

  • Promote your program and online ordering

  • Distribute the products and raise funds

We don’t just say it’s easy. We prove it.

Here’s a comparison of Art to Remember’s fundraising program to a traditional fundraising program.

Art to Remember

8 hours
  • Email class list to Art to Remember 15 minutes
    Put provided labels on student artwork 2 hours
    Use provided UPS label to ship artwork 15 minutes
    Receive personalized order forms already packaged by homeroom teacher and distribute to home rooms to be brought home to parents for ordering 1 hour
    Collect and process personalized order forms and payment 2 hours
    Use provided UPS label to ship orders to company 15 minutes
    Receive and distribute products (already organized by student & home room) 2 hours
    Receive emailed invoice after products 15 minutes

Traditional Art Fundraising Company

24 hours
  • 4 hours Write name, grade & homeroom teacher on each student’s artwork (or create your own labels)
    1 hour Copy parent letters
    4 hours Assemble parent packets (stuff plastic bag with product brochure, parent letter, order form & student’s artwork)
    30 minutes Organize parent packets by homeroom teacher and distribute to homerooms to be brought home to parents for ordering
    8 hours Collect orders, remove from plastic bag, separate money, tape order form to back of each student’s artwork
    1 hour Choose shipment method and pay to send artwork with taped-on order forms to company
    30 minutes Receive paper invoice (via snail-mail) & remit payment before products are shipped
    5 hours Receive products, sort by student and homeroom, and distribute