A history of innovation and improvement in art fundraising

Art to Remember has remained the fundraiser of choice for many education programs because we are dedicated to two key goals:
1. Raising more profit for art education.
2. Making our fundraising programs easier for schools to manage.

Over the years we have shown a dedicated effort to both of those goals:

1997 – Art to Remember starts pre-stuffing packets for teachers.

Schools used to collate order forms, parent letters, instructions and brochures and stuff them into an envelope (or worse, a cheap plastic bag) along with each student’s artwork to bring home to parents. We took the work off the shoulders of the schools and began pre-stuffing our parent packets so all schools needed to do was insert the students’ artwork.

1998 – Art to Remember becomes first art fundraiser to tally orders for schools.

School fundraising companies required schools to collect money and orders, complete forms detailing each order (student name, products ordered, quantities, amount paid), total the amount collected, determine the school’s profit, and mail the balance to the fundraising company. We thought it was wrong for our customers to be our order-entry and accounting departments, so we were the first art-based fundraising company to tally orders for schools.

2000 – Art to Remember makes shipping easier.

Schools told us that they wasted time searching for boxes to use to ship their orders to us so we began shipping program materials in high quality boxes that could be re-used. Better boxes eliminated wasted: time (searching for boxes), expense (paying for new boxes), and material (boxes and fill material due to boxes being the wrong size).

2004 – Art to Remember packages orders by student for faster distribution by schools.

Packaging by product type was undeniably easier for the school fundraising company, but it created A LOT of work for the school to organize and pass out products to students. Art to Remember shifted the burden and began packaging products by student and then by homeroom teacher making it much easier and faster to hand out.

2008 – Art to Remember offers warranties without returns.

Returning defective products is a lot of work for parents and schools and nothing makes a fundraiser more difficult than upset parents. We trust our schools and their families and don’t think they try to “get over on us” for an extra coffee mug. If a product is not right, we make it right, no questions asked.

2012 – Art to Remember streamlines ordering.

Taking the simple step of printing the order form directly on the envelope resulted in less paper waste and less confusion for parents.

2012 – Art to Remember offers free UPS shipping.

We send a UPS label with the art paper making it easier for schools to ship students’ artwork and orders to us. We even picked up the tab!

2012 – Art to Remember accepts class lists via email.

Working from digital class lists in CSV format ensures greater accuracy, and reduces time for schools – no more printing lists and waiting for fax confirmation.

2013 – Art to Remember provides personalized order forms.

Personalized order forms featuring each student’s artwork along with the products and pricing simplify the ordering process for parents. This results in less paper waste and less work for the school – no more stuffing art into order envelopes or collecting unsold magnets!

2014 – Online Ordering available for parents and the Coordinator’s Portal is available to coordinators.

Parents can order keepsake products on a secure website or send checks to the school, whichever is easier for them. Online orders result in substantially less work for the school. In addition, teachers and school coordinators have a convenient location, the Coordinator’s Corner, to download program and promotional tools, including the Parent Announcement, Reminder Slips, or the Program Guide.

Ongoing – Art to Remember adds new products based on feedback and testing.

Each year we test-market new products and introduce those that parents loved and performed well.

Ongoing innovation isn’t just a talking point at Art to Remember, it’s our way of doing business.