Does Your Fundraiser Make the Grade?

From cookies to candy, wrapping paper to catalogs, the number of fundraising options for your school are endless.  Art fundraisers bring a unique program to your school that also promote art advocacy your  parents.   But whether you are considering an art fundraiser or not, it’s important to evaluate the companies you are considering from all

Infuse Art into All Areas of Education

The lack of an art program at a school doesn’t mean the end of art for students!  If school administrators and staff develop curriculum that infuses art into various subjects, students still have the opportunity to think creatively and express themselves.    Champion Creatively Alive Children, formed by Crayola, The National Association of Elementary School

Art Fundraising – Because Children Learn Differently

I have been reading a bit about Howard Gardner and his theories of multiple intelligences. According to Gardner “an intelligence is the ability to solve problems, or to create products, that are valued within one or more cultural settings.” Gardner claims that we all have multiple intelligences which can be nurtured and strengthened or ignored

Let Them Be Creative!

This video really gets you thinking about the evolution of education in our country.  There are many interesting points raised including how art education programs “have been the victims” of increased emphasis on standardized tests.  In this video, Sir Ken Robinson defines creativity as “the process of having original ideas that have value.” Any art

Art to Remember School Fundraisers – Because the ARTS MATTER!

We all know our schools are under constant pressure to cut budgets, do more with less and focus on core curriculum.  I could provide dozens of links of such stories, but you can find a good one here.  There is a line in this article that “most people seem to agree that in tight fiscal