The Gonic School uses AtR Funds to Complete a Playground!

As the school year wraps up and fundraisers come to a close, the Art to Remember team gets to hear great feedback from schools on their success with the program. Each school uses their money for a different cause and we enjoy getting to see that the money is helping students and teachers across the nation.

In Gonic, NH, the Gonic School PTA Playground Committee worked for six years to install a playground in three different phases. This spring, they partnered with Art to Remember to raise additional funds for the third and final phase. They raised enough money to receive a grant, which matched the funds.


The school held a grand opening ceremony on Saturday, June 6th to celebrate the completed playground.


In addition to funding the playground, the PTA committee was able to give enough funds to the art teacher so she can get her kiln working for the following school year.

Liz Young, co-chair of the Gonic School PTA Playground Committee, was so successful with the program because she continually engaged parents and students. She posted reminders and updates about the Art to Remember fundraiser on their Facebook page, hosted an art fair to kick off the ordering period and even reminded parents to check their child’s backpack for the order form.

If you would like to raise money for your art program or school, click here to sign up. And be sure to check out the Gonic School’s Facebook page for great ideas.