Sycamore Serves Colors the Community

Here at Art to Remember, we love witnessing how one great idea can transform an entire community through the power of art!

In the past couple of weeks, we got to spend some time with the incredible kiddos and volunteers at Sycamore Serves—an outreach group founded by Sycamore School in Indianapolis—as they dreamed about how they could foster lasting local impact through their partnership with the Wheeler-Dowe Boys & Girls Club.

Their inspiration? Beautiful handmade artwork depicting scenes of nature, growth, and positivity.

In an effort to renovate and revitalize the Boys & Girls Club, Sycamore Serves volunteers have been working tirelessly to create a Legacy Tile Wall that will spotlight student artwork and make the space more colorful and inviting. Parents, students, and teachers alike are coming together, offering their time and talent to make the collective dream a reality.

The older students at Sycamore Serves have mentored the younger kids at the Boys & Girls Club by helping them brainstorm ideas for their tile artwork and encouraging them to be creative!

All of their hard work will pay off this afternoon at 4:00 p.m. when the Wheeler-Dowe Boys & Girls Club hosts an opening ceremony to show off its new, brightly-colored facility. The Sycamore Band will play, special gifts and educational materials will be presented, and the finished Legacy Tile Wall will be revealed!

Many thanks to Sycamore Serves and the Boys & Girls Club for utilizing art and creativity to make a difference in the community!

If you are doing something fun and different with your Art to Remember fundraiser or funds, we would love to hear from you!