Meet Your Program Coordinator

The Art to Remember Program Coordinators love working with and learning more about you during the school fundraiser, so we thought that you may want to know more about them as well. Today, we’ll meet Jennifer Musick.

Jennifer started working at Art to Remember in September of 2013, so she’s coming up on her two year anniversary and is so glad that she joined the team. “I work with such a great group of people. Even when things are crazy or hectic you still hear laughter throughout our building. That speaks volumes!”

Jennifer’s a great fit for Art to Remember as her background is in the arts. Growing up, she was a competitive ballroom dancer and in her words, definitely before it was popular or cool. She then went on to receive a BFA in art therapy with an emphasis in painting and photography with a minor in psychology.

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With her extensive knowledge in the field of art, it’s hard for Jennifer to choose a favorite artist. “It’s so hard to pick just one! I really enjoy the color field artists, specifically Rothko, Newman, and Joan Mitchell (later works). In regards to photography, I was greatly influenced by Ruth Bernhard and Joyce Tenneson.” You’ll never catch Jennifer without her camera (a few of her photographs are included in this post) – she is very talented.

Her talents seep into her hobbies as well. Jennifer is handy with tools and avid DIYer. She feels that working with her hands helps to balance out her work life in an office. “I like to think we saved our existing home, which is an 1890’s farm house, and gave her a new beginning. Now we are working on a remote cabin together. I enjoy photographing animals, hiking, fishing, and the outdoors – our cabin has it all.”

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Jennifer married her high school sweetheart and they just celebrated their 17th anniversary (but have actually known each other for almost 25 years). Together they have two awesome daughters; one is starting middle school and the other is a freshman in high school. They also have a few pets: one crazy dog, a cat, a snail, and a frog (and the kids keep asking for goats and chickens).

Jennnifer’s family has some great nicknames as well. “My dad always called me ‘spud’. Not sure where it came from but it stuck. And now my youngest goes by ‘small fry,’ my husband by ‘tater’ and oldest ‘tot’. I guess we are obsessed with potatoes?!”

In the future, Jennifer would love to visit Ireland or Scotland. With the help of her sister, they were able to track their dad’s lineage to those countries so it would be amazing to tie it all together.

Needless to say, Jennifer stays very busy! When she does have a bit of free time, she loves to watch 80s movies with her daughters or cheer on Notre Dame football.

Thanks Jen!

We truly want to make you feel like a part of the team when you partner with us – a team that is working towards the goal of raising more money for art education than ever before.