Don’t Leave for Summer Vacation Until…

The end of the school year is rapidly approaching and everyone is counting down the days until summer break.  Projects are wrapping up and vacation plans are being finalized.

But before you pack up, be sure to sign up for your Fall 2015 Art to Remember Fundraiser. Signing up is easy and then you can sit back and relax all summer knowing that the Art to Remember team will have everything ready for you when you get back to school.

The art fundraising program is one teachers come back to year after year, especially as budgets are cut. The money they make with Art to Remember allows them to supplement or fund their art budget for the year, purchase a wish list item, bring in a special guest, or take a field trip.

Plus, it helps showcase the amazing art created by the students! Parents, grandparents and family members love to purchase the keepsake items and look forward to it every year.

So don’t wait – sign up today! You can lock in your fundraiser and ensure you’ll have another great year.