Art to Remember School Fundraisers – Because the ARTS MATTER!

We all know our schools are under constant pressure to cut budgets, do more with less and focus on core curriculum.  I could provide dozens of links of such stories, but you can find a good one here.  There is a line in this article that “most people seem to agree that in tight fiscal times, the arts are the first to go.”

How sad.

The arts enrich our children’s educational experience – but they do much more than simply make the day more enjoyable.  In the following article , the author argues that allotting 10% of an average school day to the Arts would help students with:

  1. Development of Right/Left Brain Connections.
  2. Creative Problem Solving.
  3. Development of other Intelligences / Ways of Learning.
  4. Improved Academic Performance.
  5. Improved Career Success.
  6. Experiential Learning.

Art to Remember exists to promote art education and do our part to keep art programs in our schools. Our art-based school fundraisers raise money for school art programs – often doubling annual art budgets.  We love what we do – if we can help you and your school art program, please let us know!