Perspective Apple Farm

In this example, we will be drawing an autumn scene, but the same perspective outline can be used to create a drawing of any season.

Abstract Color Mixing

Practice mixing tints and shades. Extend this lesson by including intermediate colors, tones, or various color schemes tailored to your curricular needs.

Friendship Circles

When we make art together we call it Collaborative Artwork. We will have fun working as a team to come up with color combinations and sometimes this isn’t going to be easy.

STEAM Tangram Animals

Notice the different geometric shapes in your set of tangrams. Which shapes can you name? What new shapes can you make with your set of tangrams?

STEAM Pendulum Painting

Start by discussing Newton’s 1st Law of Motion. Assemble the pendulum and ask students to predict what pattern it will make and what variables could affect it.

Making an Impression

Explain the terms impressionism and pointillism. Show students how patches of colors close together are blended by the eye (like yellow next to blue green)