Apple Basket Still Life

Start by discussing how artists draw from their imaginations, but can also draw something they are looking at. Introduce the vocabulary term “still life,” and share examples from a variety of artists.

Perspective Apple Farm

In this example, we will be drawing an autumn scene, but the same perspective outline can be used to create a drawing of any season.

Abstract Color Mixing

Practice mixing tints and shades. Extend this lesson by including intermediate colors, tones, or various color schemes tailored to your curricular needs.

Friendship Circles

When we make art together we call it Collaborative Artwork. We will have fun working as a team to come up with color combinations and sometimes this isn’t going to be easy.

Colorful Castles

In this lesson we will all become Architects because we will be designing a castle. You will have the choice to use realistic or abstract colors on your drawing.

Flower Power

Start by discussing primary and secondary colors and ask students to distinguish between the two. You can also talk about color families and have them practice drawing spirals before starting on their project.

STEAM Compass Art

Let’s look at circles today. Do you see anything in this classroom that is a circle? Do you know the different ways circles are measured (circumference, radius, diameter, area)? You can also delve into art history and discuss Kandinsky’s Squares with Concentric Circles.