STEAM Tangram Animals



  • Paper
  • Tangrams
  • Tangram picture matching or pattern cards
  • Pencils, markers, paint or watercolor


  1. Trace it in pencil. Have pencils and erasers handy to begin outlining. First, students will arrange their tangrams on their paper in the shape of an animal. Then, they will trace each shape in pencil to create an outline.
  2. Students can enhance the outline in crayon by drawing over the pencil with a darker color. With a crayon, they can also add in a horizon line and some plants, flowers or trees.
  3. With watercolors, students can paint their animal. They may choose to use many different colors or paint the entire animal in one, solid color.
  4. Paint the background. To finish the piece, students can paint in the background. Depending on the animal they chose, the background could be an underwater scene, or grass, plants and a sky.


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STEAM Lesson Plans - Tangram Animal Art STEAM Lesson Plans - Tangram Animal Art