Primary Petals


AGE GROUP:  Elementary


• Paper
• PlayColor Sticks
• Pencil
• Scissors
• Black Sharpie
• Watercolors


  1. Cut out template. Use an extra sheet of paper to cut out the template of the vase. Have students trace the vase on their paper with a black Sharpie. Older students may be able to draw their own vase, but this step will be helpful for the younger ones.
  2. Using the black Sharpie, have students draw the water line inside of the vase. Then, have them draw the line of the table in the background.
  3. Using the PlayColor Sticks, students can start adding in the flowers. Students can start with yellow as the base and then add in the other primary colors of red and blue. Once they have their Primary Petals completed, they can draw the stems and then color in the table.
  4. Finally, your students can fill in the rest of the white space with water colors. They can add blue water to the vase and any color background they’d like. Just encourage them to fill the page with saturated colors.

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