How My Garden Grows


AGE GROUP:  Elementary


  • Paper
  • Pencils
  • Markers or crayons
  • Pictures of flowers and insects


  1. Ask students to draw the same number of flowers as their age. The flowers should be fairly large.
  2. Students can include some insects in their picture.
  3. To include a butterfly, draw a circle for the head, and oval shape for the thorax, and a longer skinnier oval for the abdomen. Next add the eyes and antennae. Butterflies have two sets of wings on each side of their bodies. Draw a large circular shape on each side of the thorax. Under that shape draw a large U-shape that touches the bottom of the body and curves around to the edge of the first wing shape. The wings need to be symmetrical, another vocabulary term that students can be introduced to.
  4. Color the picture with crayons. If time allows, students can add a sun, clouds, or a rainbow. Finally, for extra pizzazz, trace the drawings with a black crayon.
  5. Print name legibly on the front of the paper (at least an inch from the edge so the name will not be cut off).