Flamingo Painting



  • Paper
  • PlayColor Sticks
  • Black Sharpie
  • Watercolors
  • Brushes


  1.  With the pink PlayColor stick, draw the head, body, neck and wings of the flamingo. Add additional PlayColors to the pink such as yellow, red, and/or blue. Let dry before moving to step two.
  2.  Apply water to the lower half of the page and add blue to the wet paper. Then dampen the rest of the page with water. Use watercolor to fill the rest of the background. This technique is called ‘wet-on-wet’. Let it dry before moving to step three.
  3.  Use a black Sharpie marker to bring out all of the details in the bird. This includes the eyes, beak, and legs. Feather details are optional.
  4.  Use a dry brush method to add the jungle surroundings such as plants, leaves, vines, and additional detail in the water. Students can choose to make their work more realistic such as the image on the left, or add ‘confetti’ as demonstrated in the image on the right.

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