Fauve Flowers


AGE GROUP:  Middle School


  • Paper
  • Pencils
  • Markers or crayons
  • Paint (tempera or semi-moist watercolors)
  • Botanical garden books, silk flowers or artwork by Georgia O’Keefe, Andre Derain or Henri Matisse


  1. Study a flower for your fauve flower study. Draw the flower outline lightly in pencil. Your flower can go off the edge of the paper. Sketch in the details of the flower, petals, stamen and leaves.
  2. Wash in watercolor to create color for the lightest flowers and leaves.
  3. When your painting is completely dry, highlight overlapping areas in shades of colored pencil. Hint: the colors can be imaginary like the
  4. Paint in watercolor around your flower in a contrasting color. You can emphasize area with contrasting colored pencil or fine line black marker.
  5. Print name legibly on the front of the paper (at least an inch from the edge so the name will not be cut off).