AGE GROUP:  Elementary
TOPICS:  Animals, Bugs, Crayons, Markers


  • Paper
  • Markers
  • Pictures of different bugs
  • Crayons (with paper removed)


  1. Draw your composition lightly in pencil. Make sure students fill up the paper sheet of paper with color. Draw large! Geometric shapes can be used to draw a bug, like a beetle, by drawing a circle for the head and eyes, an oval for the thorax, and an oval shape for the abdomen. Add additional lines and shapes for patterns.
  2. Add color. Use colors that are vibrant and contrast. Do not use metallic or neon colors because they do not reprint well.
  3. Outline in black markers for emphasis.
  4. Print name legibly on the front of the paper (at least an inch from the edge so the name will not be cut off).