Hand Stamp Painting


AGE GROUP:  Elementary, Preschool
TOPICS:  Crayons, Handprint, Paint, sponge


  • Pictures of flowers from seed catalogs or calendars, fresh flowers, silk flowers, and artists floral paintings
  • Paper
  • Washable paint, (tempera or poster paint)
  • Crayons (with paper removed)
  • Texture boards or any textured material
  • Paint brushes
  • Styrofoam trays or cookie sheets 


  1. Prepare background. Place paper over textured surface and rub surface lightly with broad side of a crayon. You may overlap several colors for a different effect. Sponge painting the background is another option.
  2. Painting process. Pour small amounts of paint in trays. Press child’s hand in desired color and carefully press on paper (this will become the flower). Add one or more flowers to complete stamping. Using paint brushes, have the children add leaves and details to complete their paintings.
  3. Print name legibly on the front of the paper (at least an inch from the edge so the name will not be cut off).
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Lesson Plan Examples:

Handstamp Flower Painting Art