Production Admin


As AtR’s Part-Time Production Admin, you will play a vital role in pursuing our mission by knowing the ins and outs of the business and supporting both the sales and operations teams.

You will have some regular tasks (creating daily reports, receiving mail, scheduling orders), but will also move around regularly and be a partner to any team that could use additional help.

Our ideal candidate will be proficient in Microsoft Office; have excellent communication and decision-making skills; have the ability to multitask; and be a self-starter and quick learner. Spanish skills are a plus. Your candidacy will leap to the top if you can demonstrate:

  • That you care about your teammates (so much so that you are willing to lean into difficult and candid conversations),
  • That you have no issue rolling up your sleeves and doing whatever work is required, and
  • A passionate drive for continuous improvement.

This position will need to know the majority of operation processes at Art to Remember (AtR). This position is responsible for working with both the sales and operations teams to ensure that work and information flows smoothly between these two departments.

In all work, remember our prime directive during our busy seasons: Ship all orders, every semester, accurately and on time.

For the full job description and to apply:

Art to Remember (AtR) is an art fundraising company in Indianapolis, IN. Our mission is to preserve childhood memories and support art education. Our company has been in operation since 1995 and expanded to a new building in 2017. Each year we help schools around the country raise millions of dollars to support critical art education programs. AtR consistently invests in its business and people to help more schools and more art programs every year.