Account Manager & Customer Service

We’re looking to add a successful Account Manager / Customer Service Representative to our team!

  • Are you tired of trying to convince yourself that your efforts are benefiting society?
  • Are you ready to use your account management and customer care skills to promote the greater good?
  • Are you a successful account manager or customer care professional that is convinced that you could achieve even greater success if you felt fulfilled every day?
  • Are you ready to work for a company that was recognized by TINYpulse as A Happiest Company in 2017?

As an Account Manager / Customer Service Representative, you will play a vital role in pursuing this mission by:

  • Working with art teachers and parent volunteers to help hundreds of schools run the ATR art-based fundraising program.
  • Ensuring that the schools you work with sign up to complete another successful ATR program the following school year.
  • Helping schools raise hundreds of thousands of dollars each and every year to support vital art education programs.
  • Provide over-the-top customer service to the parents, grandparents and family members who purchase keepsake items of their children’s art.

Our ideal candidate will have successful Account Management and/or Customer Service experience handling a large volume of customers. Your candidacy will leap to the top if you can demonstrate consistently high levels of customer satisfaction and retention. More important than any prior skills or experience is that you care about your teammates (so much so that you are willing to lean into difficult and candid conversations), that you have no issue rolling up your sleeves and doing whatever work is required, and that you have a passionate drive for continuous improvement.

For more details and to apply:

Art to Remember’s mission is to support and promote art education and we have been pursuing our mission since 1995. Each year, we help schools raise millions of dollars to support underfunded and struggling art education programs. Art to Remember consistently invests in its business and its people to help more schools and more art programs every year.