Fashion Forward Art with Miranda Meeks

Art Teachers Who Wear Their Students’ Creations: Part 1 Miranda Meeks is an art educator at Caldwell County Middle School in Princeton, Kentucky. She has been teaching for eight years and is passionate about using her platform to make a lasting impact. Miranda’s love of art, fashion, and creativity paired with her heart for empowering

NAEA Boston—Another Outstanding Conference!

NAEA 2019 was another outstanding conference. With a record 5,000+ in attendance, we were thrilled to meet so many incredible art educators from across the globe. And Boston did not disappoint as a host city, with its twinkling city lights and beautiful ocean views. The best part of the trip for us was getting to

Sycamore Serves Colors the Community

Here at Art to Remember, we love witnessing how one great idea can transform an entire community through the power of art! In the past couple of weeks, we got to spend some time with the incredible kiddos and volunteers at Sycamore Serves—an outreach group founded by Sycamore School in Indianapolis—as they dreamed about how