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Why an Art Fundraiser

July 17, 2012
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Why an Art Fundraiser?

As you begin to think about your fundraisers for the upcoming school year you could stick with the same old programs you have done in the past or you could consider a new idea that will make your students and families jump at the chance to buy! The list of reasons to do an art fundraiser could go on forever but here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Students build self confidence when they see their artwork reproduced on products.
  2. A welcome change from candy, wrapping paper and catalog sales.
  3. Art is promoted throughout your school and with your families.
  4. Products are one-of-a-kind keepsakes that your families will want to purchase.
  5. Money raised can help support your art program.

Hopefully by now you’re sold on why an art fundraiser is best for you, but which company?  We love the comparison the folks at The Art of Education put together on their blog last month.  Check it out here.  Our focus is to provide an easy program for your school and provide your families with quality, one of a kind keepsakes that they will treasure. 



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