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At Art to Remember, we love giving back and every spring semester, we like to get out of the office and help out. This spring, we volunteered our time at Paul I Miller Elementary School in Indianapolis.


Although we were helping out in different areas of the school, we wanted to make sure that we gave special attention to the art department with a donation. We had fun shopping for the art supplies that we thought the students would love including markers, colored pencils, paper, scissors, glue and crayons. Mrs. Banuelos and Mrs. Reynolds-Campbell, Paul I Miller’s art teachers, were thrilled!

After arriving, the 40 Art to Remember team members spread out amongst the school. About half of the team cleaned out both a locker room and a storage room.


The rest of the team members were able to assist the teachers in the classroom. Some worked one on one with students, others graded papers or helped set up lessons for the week, while others were able to play games in the gymnasium.

The teachers were so grateful for all of the extra help and the students loved the one on one attention (outside of all of the amazing help they get each day). Some of the students even made cards and sent them to us.


In the end, the Art to Remember team felt lucky to have the chance to go back to school for a day. The experience gave us an even greater appreciation of all of the hard and rewarding work that goes into teaching. We are so glad that we get to help Support & Promote Art Education, even if it’s from the sidelines.

We are looking forward to giving back again next year!

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