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When Kristi Shrode started a new teaching position this year at Pendleton Elementary, she knew that she wanted to bring student artwork out into the community. After talking with other staff members, she worked with Quack Daddy Donuts, a local donut shop in Pendleton, Indiana, to put on an Art Gallery Night, which was open to not only parents of students, but also to the entire community.

Kristi had her first grade students make clay donuts. The students made chocolate and cake “donuts” and decorated them with different materials that resembled frosting and sprinkles.

The fifth graders used Nic Hahn’s Floating Donut lesson plan. She loved the lesson because it tied in to so many standards, like print making, wet on wet paint, and art history with a lesson on Wayne Thiebaud.  As a bonus, Kristi used the paintings for her Art to Remember fundraiser, so not only was she able to create an amazing community event, she was able to earn some extra money for her program as well.

The Art Gallery Night was a huge hit! Parents loved seeing their child’s artwork, the students loved showing it off, and the staff from the South Madison Community School corporation enjoyed the off-site event. Quack Daddy Donuts was a great venue and they displayed the paintings for two weeks so that patrons could enjoy them as well.

Kristi was proud of the event and is looking forward to additional community events next school year.

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