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Still Life


By: September 6, 2019

Place coffee filter onto paper using water. Using yellow and blue semi moist tempera cakes, paint on top of the coffee filters creating a ring of yellow...

Apple Basket Still Life

By: August 23, 2018

Use a pencil to draw the basic shape of the basket. If you are using a basket for observation, refer to its shape as you draw and point out details that...

Starry Night

By: September 21, 2016

Students will draw a similar picture of someplace they have visited. It could be a beach, city, mountains, a lake, an amusement park, or even just their...

Making an Impression

By: September 21, 2016

Decide on the composition that you would like to do in the impressionist style and sketch in guidelines lightly in pencil. You can choose from still life,...

Primary Petals

By: August 25, 2016

Cut out template. Use an extra sheet of paper to cut out the template of the vase. Have students trace the vase on their paper with a black Sharpie. Older...

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