They All Saw a Cat

Pre-Planning Read the book They All Saw a Cat, By Brendan Wenzel. Discuss how the cat changes from each character's perception. Have students practice drawing a cat the way the child saw it. Talk about the textures that a cat has and how to represent those textures with a line. [...]

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Draw your composition lightly in pencil. Make sure students fill up the paper sheet of paper with color. Draw large! Geometric shapes can be used to draw a bug, like a beetle, by drawing a circle for the head and eyes, an oval for the thorax, and an oval shape [...]

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Place a small amount of paint in the center of the page. Students will use a paint brush to swirl it into a circle, creating the shell. Use the eraser end of a pencil to create a swirl in the paint when it is still wet. Allow the paint to [...]

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Flamingo Painting

With the pink PlayColor stick, draw the head, body, neck and wings of the flamingo. Add additional PlayColors to the pink such as yellow, red, and/or blue. Let dry before moving to step two.  Apply water to the lower half of the page and add blue to the wet paper. [...]

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Animals in the Wild

Discuss different animals from various geographical areas. Have them choose animals that are protected, extinct animals, arctic animals or whatever animals they are interested in. Draw the animal lightly in pencil as the focal point of your picture. Create an interesting background. Wash the sky and land in very light [...]

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