Hot Colors Desert

Encourage students to draw something they would see in a desert with the hot colors. To fill up the entire paper, provide a watercolor wash to paint over the crayon in orange or yellow. Print name legibly on the front of the paper (at least an inch from the edge [...]

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Primary Petals

Cut out template. Use an extra sheet of paper to cut out the template of the vase. Have students trace the vase on their paper with a black Sharpie. Older students may be able to draw their own vase, but this step will be helpful for the younger ones. Using [...]

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Sea Turtle

Use a pencil and tracer to create an oval on the sheet of paper. Draw four flippers, a tail, and a head off of the body. Add additional details to the head such as eyes. Draw the design on the shell of the turtle. See page one for more detailed [...]

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Floating Donuts

Use watercolors in a wet-on-wet method to paint the background. (Paint the paper first with water and then add the watercolors onto the page.) Allow dry time before moving to step number two. Stamp five to seven ‘donuts’ onto the background. Some of the circles should go off the page. [...]

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Flamingo Painting

With the pink PlayColor stick, draw the head, body, neck and wings of the flamingo. Add additional PlayColors to the pink such as yellow, red, and/or blue. Let dry before moving to step two.  Apply water to the lower half of the page and add blue to the wet paper. [...]

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Animals in the Wild

Discuss different animals from various geographical areas. Have them choose animals that are protected, extinct animals, arctic animals or whatever animals they are interested in. Draw the animal lightly in pencil as the focal point of your picture. Create an interesting background. Wash the sky and land in very light [...]

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